Monday, May 23, 2011

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Roberta over at Cottonwood Lane Primitives is having a giveaway when she reaches 100 followers.  Head on over and enter for a chance to win this gorgeous penny rug!!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Pocket full of posies part 2

Yesterday at school we made "Pockets Full of Posies" for Mother's Day.  They turned out great!  We made these a little different than the tutorial I shared a while back (here).  While I still love the ones I started with, I must admit this new kind really look more prim to me, so I am really loving them.
Here are some pictures:

Aren't they just the cutest?!  The kids did a great job with them, and they were so proud of their finished work.  For many of them it was the first time they ever sewed, and they were very excited to give it a try.  I sewed the side seams in advance on the sewing machine because I knew we wouldn't have time to do it in school.  The kids did pretty much everything else with help if they needed it.  I wonder if any of them will wait until Mother's Day to give them to their Mom. : )

Here's the revised pattern  (I know that it might be easier if I had pictures, but I don't have time right now.  I'll try to get some later and post the tutorial again.):
  1. Cut a piece of burlap about 5-6 inches wide and 13-14 inches long.  I made sure to have a selvage edge on one of my short ends.  This is the front of the pocket.
  2. Fold the selvage edge up about 5 inches and stitch the edges with a hemming stitch or zig zag.  Burlap tends to unravel easily so the selvage edge works great for the top front of the pocket and the hemming stitch holds the sides in place.  
  3. Turn the pocket right sides out.
  4. Fold the top flap that hasn't been stitched down to meet the back of the pocket so that you have enough room to hand or machine stitch a little pocket to slide a stick through for the hanger.  You can use a stick from outdoors or a cinnamon stick for the hanger.
  5. Fill your pocket with flowers of your liking.  (I bought mine at the "Dollar General" store in town.  
  6. On a hang tag write "Pocket Full of Posies" and tie the tag to a safety pin.  (We had regular for yesterday, but I am going to get some rusty ones made for the next time.)  Pin the tag to the front of the pocket.
  7. For the hanger you can use a wire or a string tied to the stick.
Hang on a nail, a hook, or a door knob then enjoy!  

Have to scoot now as I am going to babysit a friend's toddler for a couple of hours, then my nieces are coming for a little visit.  Maybe we'll make a Pocket Full of Posies for their Mommy for Mother's Day.
I hope everyone has a wonderful Mother's Day celebrating in any way that pleases you.  

Friday, May 6, 2011

A beautiful giveaway being hosted by Tammy!

Go visit Tammy at A Primitive Place to find out about your chance(s) to win these gorgeous stacking boxes!  (The selfish side of me wishes I was the only one who was entering this giveaway because I surely do love the fabrics Tammy used on these. : )

I know I have been missing for a while.  Am hoping to have a few minutes this weekend to catch up on all my favorite blogs.  Am heading off to school this morning to administer the last day of our state ELA exams to my 4th graders.  Trust me when I say they do not love me for doing this...  (I don't like making them do it, either.)  In the afternoon we are going to make some "Pockets full of Posies" for them to give to their Moms for Mother's Day on Sunday.  I'll try to get some pictures of their finished masterpieces.  They are so excited to be making them. : )