Saturday, April 16, 2011

Some Spring/Easter...

It's a cold, dark and dreary day here in Western New York, so I am working on my indoor Springy-ness.
I haven't had a chance to share some of my Spring/Easter displays, and I really wanted to be sure to give credit to the people who created some of the things that I am really enjoying in my home right now.
This is the mantle in my living room.
I just got the old window, and I'm still figuring out how to best use it.
I'm enjoying the change from the old shutters that were there before.
My Basil Bunny from my swap with Casey, along with the prim bowl and eggs she gave me.
I'm not sure where the little bird came from, but he gets around in my house...
This is Attic Annie - made by Wendy over at Ravenwood Whimzies.
 I just found this little loveseat for her and I am in the process of painting it and still need to age it a bit.
It was country blue when I bought it.
I just purchased this crock bunny from a lady at a craft/antique show.  She also made the mouse pinkeep.  My husband bought that and told the lady it was in self defense - maybe I wouldn't store my stray pins in the carpet if I had a pincushion for them.
(I didn't tell him that there wasn't much chance of this helping him out with that situation.)
The person who made these items is going to be a vendor at "Gathered Treasures" being held today in Mansfield, Ohio.
Her business name is "Antique Nothings made into Primitive Somethings".
She has a lot of great primitive stuff.
Oops! Sorry about the runner not laying flat!
These salt dough "Blooms" were made by Sarah over at All Roads Lead Home.
I am going to enjoy these all summer long!
I wish the beeswax cupboard hangers would show up better in the picture because
they are gorgeous, and have awesome detail to them!
Pam over at  Primitive Basketcase made them and I really love them.
I am working on a different display option for them,
but I just had to get them hung up so I could see them for now.
The bunny was made by the "Antique Nothings..." lady.  It's called a "Bunny Butt".
Had to have it once I saw that name, I guess. ;)
Just another touch of Spring...

I hope your day is filled with Spring things to enjoy, too!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Primitive Bunny Pattern

I wanted to share a pattern for the little prim bunny I made for my swap partner.  I intended to do a little tutorial, but my husband took the camera with him today, so I couldn't get the pictures I need.   
I have strong suspicions that he took it on purpose so I couldn't spend time blogging today instead of Spring cleaning...  Ha! Nice try!
I'm new at sharing patterns like this, so I know I probably don't have a good image for you to use below.  If you would like a pdf file that will print on a full 8.5 X 11 paper, just send me an email and I'll send it in an attachment to you.  (I'll be reading up on how to do this the right way, so hopefully it will eventually be one of several patterns I have in my sidebar.)

The little corner cutouts are there so that you can square up the bottom - like a purse or bag - and then the bunny will stand on its own.
The fabric I used is some I've had for a while.  It is called "Castle" I think.  It's kind of nubby.  I tea/coffee/vanilla stained it after I assembled, but before I stuffed it.  She goes together fairly quick except for the bottom which is a bit fussy due to the small area to work with.  And turning the ears is a bit of a challenge because I made the bottoms a bit narrow.  But I just didn't sew all the way to the bottom on both sides, and then they were easier to turn.  (You have to tuck about a half inch of the ear into the seam allowance to made sure it doesn't fall out anyway!)
I hope that someone, anyone finds this pattern to be something they'd enjoy doing.  I think the finished bunny is fun to tuck in just about any spot! : )

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Giveaway at Primitives n Stitchin!

Hurry over to Primitives n Stitchin!  Becky is hosting a giveaway for this little quilt and doll!!  She's aiming for 200 followers and she's almost there!  The drawing will be held on April 25th

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Perfectly Prim Swap Treasures!

I have so much I want to share, but alas, as soon as my report cards were done, there were other things to tend to.  But wouldn't life be boring if it was just a merry-go-round?  Today was the first truly Spring-like day here.  I worked outside in a t-shirt/sweatshirt and not a winter coat, knit headband and mittens.  It was so wonderful!!  I cleaned up some of my perennial beds and my husband and I raked our neighbor's yard.  They go South for the winter, and are due back soon.  We know the yard work is getting a little tougher for them so we wanted to get it cleaned up before they got here.  They'd never allow us to do it once they are here.  But the payoff is that they will have lovely gardens and landscaping for us to see each day of the summer.  (I told them once that I felt like I should install a mirror on the front of my house so they could enjoy the view we do.)

But the reason for this quick post before going back over to finish the job is to show off the beautiful things that Casey- Olde Spoon River Homestead - sent me for the Spring has Sprung swap I mentioned in my last post.  I knew I didn't have time to get full displays ready, but I really wanted to share the swap items because I wanted Casey to know that I absolutely love everything.  I owe her a thousand thank yous - at least!
Here is what she sent - feel free to drool, but I recommend keeping back from your keyboard if you do. :)

Here is the whole group of loot!
 I loved the packaging so I hadn't unwrapped everything yet.
The clothespins holding the bags shut were grubbied.  : )
I didn't take a close-up of the tarts.  They are raspberry chocolate drizzle flavor.
They remind me of a tootsie roll lollipop.  It's a flavor I've never tried and I can't wait!
Here are the prim eggs - can you smell their spicy-ness - YUM!
...and the yellow wooden bowl, too!!
...and the cutest little beeswax bunny ever!

Look at the beautiful blue in this prim bouquet!  I LOVE THIS!!

This is Basil the Bunny.  I think Casey used the pattern from
Wendy over at Ravenwood Whimzies offered for a challenge a while back.
I printed the pattern and gave it a try, but my attempt at Basil is still in sad little pieces upstairs.
I'm so excited cause Casey's version is soooo much better than what I had started.

A close up of Basil's prim awesomeness!

Well, my husband is probably wondering if I quit, so I had better run.  But I will be back tomorrow with some more pictures.  I have some great salt dough ornies from Sarah at All Roads Lead Home, and lovely, lovely beeswax ornie from Pam over at Primitive Basketcase to show.  
I hope you've had a great day in your neck of the woods!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

I am in the home stretch...

My report cards are almost done so I am rewarding myself with a little blog time.  Since it's late, I'll keep this short for now, but I am really getting excited for the weekend 'cause I think I will have some good pictures to share.  Here's a little tease for now:
The package on the far right looks a little rumpled because I started tearing into the packages before I remembered that it's fun to take a picture of them all wrapped up.  : )
I think I might have been excited...

These are my swap treasures from my partner, Casey over at Olde Spoon River Homestead.  (We joined the Spring has Sprung Swap organized by Char over at The Pickled Pepper Patch.)  They arrived yesterday and I was going to force myself to wait til my report cards were done before I opened the package.  
Then again, I don't think so... 
I just don't have that kind of self-control right now I guess. 
 (But I never peek at Christmas time.  Really.  Honest. Well, not since I was about 12 anyway.)
I haven't been able to put these lovely, lovely prims anywhere yet, but I do have some good ideas of where they will be going Friday night/Saturday morning!!  Casey sent things that are perfect, perfect perfect for me!  
Now, I have to tell you a couple of things.  First of all, Casey did something that I absolutely love.  My swap package arrived at her house before she had a chance to send hers out.  She sent me a lovely email to thank me and told me that her package would soon be on the way.  Well, when I opened her package yesterday the wrappings looked familiar because they are the ones I sent with her swap goodies!!  I LOVE that she did that!  Isn't that kind of what prim is all about?  Make do, use it up, makeover, etc. etc.  And besides I wouldn't have wrapped her things in stuff I didn't like myself! : )  
Casey has been having computer trouble but she went to a friend's house and posted some pictures of what I sent to her, so go visit if you are like me and you LOVE seeing what everyone else sends in a swap.  : )   Char has a spot where people are posting pictures of their swap goodes so you can check that out, too!
 I am hoping to post directions for the Spring pillow and the bunny that I sent to Casey by the end of the weekend so I hope you'll come back to visit if you are interested in making either of them.
Enjoy the rest of your week!  And I hope the sun is shining where you are cause it's still on vacation here.  
: ) Melissa

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

You could win this amazing hooked rug!

Margie over at Hungry Hook Primitives is having a giveaway.  
She is trying to reach 100 followers, so hurry over and help her out!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

We interrupt this blog...

...for report card time.  I am really missing my blog time lately.  It has been sooo busy with school and a few other things going on.  But I have tons of things to share, so I promise to try to get those report cards done speedy-quick!
I really haven't had much time to visit everyone's blog lately, but Spring Break is coming soon, so hopefully I'll be able to do some catching up then.
Until I can return with some real pictures, I thought I'd share pictures of my very first attempt at cinnamon dough ornaments.  I did these back in February, and had soooo much fun trying these.  I read on Colleen's blog about dipping them in wax from old candles.  So I gave that a try.  Let's just say that maybe I spend a little too much time with 9 year olds.  Once I started dipping them in that wax it was like I couldn't stop.  It was so much fun!!  But the results bordered on disaster because this makes the wax highly uneven and runny.  (They still smelled wonderful, though!)  Luckily I came to my senses and did have a few good results.

I realize that my header needs a serious Spring Cleaning, as well as my background. At this point the sight of snow is almost offensive to the eye!  I'll get to that ASAP also!!
I hope all is well with everyone in blog land.  Take care and enjoy the daily signs of Spring that are there for the noticing!. : )