Saturday, April 16, 2011

Some Spring/Easter...

It's a cold, dark and dreary day here in Western New York, so I am working on my indoor Springy-ness.
I haven't had a chance to share some of my Spring/Easter displays, and I really wanted to be sure to give credit to the people who created some of the things that I am really enjoying in my home right now.
This is the mantle in my living room.
I just got the old window, and I'm still figuring out how to best use it.
I'm enjoying the change from the old shutters that were there before.
My Basil Bunny from my swap with Casey, along with the prim bowl and eggs she gave me.
I'm not sure where the little bird came from, but he gets around in my house...
This is Attic Annie - made by Wendy over at Ravenwood Whimzies.
 I just found this little loveseat for her and I am in the process of painting it and still need to age it a bit.
It was country blue when I bought it.
I just purchased this crock bunny from a lady at a craft/antique show.  She also made the mouse pinkeep.  My husband bought that and told the lady it was in self defense - maybe I wouldn't store my stray pins in the carpet if I had a pincushion for them.
(I didn't tell him that there wasn't much chance of this helping him out with that situation.)
The person who made these items is going to be a vendor at "Gathered Treasures" being held today in Mansfield, Ohio.
Her business name is "Antique Nothings made into Primitive Somethings".
She has a lot of great primitive stuff.
Oops! Sorry about the runner not laying flat!
These salt dough "Blooms" were made by Sarah over at All Roads Lead Home.
I am going to enjoy these all summer long!
I wish the beeswax cupboard hangers would show up better in the picture because
they are gorgeous, and have awesome detail to them!
Pam over at  Primitive Basketcase made them and I really love them.
I am working on a different display option for them,
but I just had to get them hung up so I could see them for now.
The bunny was made by the "Antique Nothings..." lady.  It's called a "Bunny Butt".
Had to have it once I saw that name, I guess. ;)
Just another touch of Spring...

I hope your day is filled with Spring things to enjoy, too!