Saturday, January 1, 2011

Where to begin with my New Year's Resolution?

Ok, on Thursday I said I would take pictures of the unfinished projects I found while cleaning my sewing room.  Well, here they are!  I would love it if you would leave a comment to say which project you would start with and why. :)  The projects are definitely not in order of when they were started.  I thought about doing that, then realized that I would have to sequence about 10 years.  Not going to happen.  So I've numbered them as they appear and tried to give a little info about what needs to be done.

#1  From a block of the month - they each need quilting and binding.
I have the binding ready for all of them.  Also the turkey needs work.
 I didn't really like the pattern for it so I want to adjust the tail feathers.
The club was called "Bloomin Dozen".
I plan to hang them outside my classroom door.  I finished September (apple) and October (pumpkin)
in time to use at the start of the school year, but lost my steam or something with the rest of them.  

#2  My first attempt at curved piecing.  This is done except for hand sewing the binding.
I started this during a weekend quilt retreat about a year and a half ago.
This is a Terry Atkinson pattern called "Winner's Bouquet."

#3  Another block of the month from 2010.  I believe I have six block that haven't even been started,
plus there is a whole patchwork element that needs to be completed.
This pattern is from The Stitch Connection and it's called "Joys of Winter."
#4  This needs to be layering, quilting and binding.
I think this baby has been kicking around for at least 3 years, but I'm not positive.
This is a Quilt in a Day Pattern.  I had a book, but she's reworked it and it's now a pattern called
"A Better Star for All Seasons."

#5  The applique needs to be finished on this as well as binding.   It's been this way for well over a year.
I think I have made at least three of these for gifts - funny how you can finish them for someone else...
The pattern is called "Be Thankful" and is by Cottage Creek Quilts.

#6  This needs to have the edges trimmed even then quilting and binding.
I can remember the name of this pattern.  If you need it let me know and I will look harder. :)

#7  The placemats and wallhanging in this set need to be layered, quilted and bound.
These were in a kit from my favorite quilt shop, Material Rewards in Dansville, NY.
I don't think there was an actual pattern.

#8  This needs layering, quilting and binding.
This was a class I took for learning to use Thangles.  Everyone else in the class used the really big Thangles and made tree skirts.  I made a much smaller table topper using the same pattern which was handed out in class.  (I wonder if there tree skirts were finished in time for Christmas 2009 which is the year I took the class...)

#9  This is an embroidery design my mother did.  I already made another like it into a cute little wallhanging for my mom.  Seems like I could get around to finishing this.  It needs borders, layering, quilting and binding.

#10  This is a banner that I started while on quilt retreat a year and a half ago, I think.
 It needs layering, quilting, and binding.

#11  These will be banners.  They have The Pledge of Allegiance on them and I wanted to make one for me and one for a gift for no one in particular yet.  Gee, no emergency = no finish.  Now I see the pattern!
They both need to have the banner section finished, then layered quilted and bound.

#12  These are leftover squares from a king size quilt I made for our bed for Spring and Summer.
I want to make them into pillow shams or throw pillows for the bed.
I know I have a nice picture of the quilt, but not where I can find it now.  Grrr.
The pattern is called "Strip Search" and it's by G.E. Designs.

#13  This was another block of the month from last year.  It needs layering, quilting and binding.

#14  This lap size quilt also needs layering, quilting and binding.
It is from a great book called "Scrap Basket Surprises" by Kim Brackett.
This is a really nice book with 18 different projects for using up fabric in your stash. 

#15  This is a little table topper that needs layering, quilting and binding.
Can't remember this patter either but can find it if someone is interested.

#16  This "I Spy" quilt needs layering, quilting and binding.
I made it with no pattern.  Just cut squares and sew them together., add borders and you are done - except for the layering, quilting and binding, of course. : )

#17  Another quilt from "Scrap Basket Surprises".  This one needs layering, quilting and binding.
Gee there really is an emerging pattern to my lack of finishes, isn't there?

#18  A leftover block that I thought would make a cute little pillow.
I don't like the background fabric so I think I need to do a little coffee/tea staining maybe.

#19  This table topper is from a free pattern from Timeless Treasures.
#20  (I just remember there is another one very similar to it over my chair in my sewing room.)
For these I think I will do the no binding finish. Just turn it right sides together and stitch around
leaving an opening for turning.
 It uses a 60 degree angle ruler.  I just checked the site and it says it is no longer a free pattern.
I can help you out if you need help finding the pattern.  

#21  Table topper that needs... you guessed it....  layering, quilting and binding.
It also needs a button sewed onto each prairie point.
I can find the pattern name if you are interested.

#22  Long lap robe.  This needs layering, quilting and binding.
It's from a Quilt in a Day Pattern called "Tossed Nine Patch".
This is a great beginning quilter pattern.
True story - I gave the fabric for this quilt to my husband for his birthday (2009).
I gave the finished top to him for Father's Day (2010).
Hmmm... Valentine's Day 2011???

#23  Same pattern as above.  Needs that same finishing, too.

#24  Another "I Spy" quilt.  This just needs the binding hand sewn on.
It started out as a gift, but I had trouble with my machine and it caused a small hole in the backing.
They got a diaper genie instead....

#25  This needs just a little more hand quilting.  Plus it is actually a Christmas Countdown calendar,
so the little ornaments need an embroidery thread loop attached to them.
This was a Nancy Halvorsen  (Benartex) panel from several years ago.
And yes it's been started for quite some time now...

#26  This is the very first quilt square I sewed when I got my sewing machine (circa 2000?).
If you look closely you will see that the log cabin pattern didn't get followed correctly, but the effect is still there.  
(Hey I was busy figuring out how NOT to sew my fingers to the fabric at the time!)
I want to make this into a pillow, I think.

As I've worked my way through documenting this unfinished pile of projects, I've remembered a few more that I haven't uncovered yet.  But I think maybe I have enough to choose from with this pile, what do you think?

Happy New Year, and good luck getting 2011 started on a positive note!