Monday, January 17, 2011

I seriously need a distraction...

... from "pink eye" in both eyes!  Yes, both eyes.  
"Itchy, itchy, I feel twitchy." 
(Have you ever seen the book, Itchy, Itchy Chicken Pox ?) 
Well, this reminds me of how the kid in that book feels!

Ok, now that I am done whining, I'll share some pictures of my laundry room.  My husband is the brains, brawn, and designer of this little room.  It's actually a pass-through room to our garage, but he turned it into a really nice spot to do laundry.  He designed and built the cabinets and shelf, too.  Amazing.  But again, I am biased.

I love my pocket door!

The door to the garage needs painting and trim work.
So easy to put at the bottom of the list when it's in the laundry room...

Cabinets designed and built by my husband.

My primitive laundry by Mammy's Treasures.
I think good thoughts for her every time I do laundry.
My little quilt quilt. : )
It's a paper pieced pattern my MH Designs.
I bought this sign before I even had my new laundry room.
Just fell in love with it and couldn't leave it at the store.
Found this in an attic.  I love old school things!
I spelled "Welcome", but the men of the house changed it.  : )
The top red part says "Fox's A B C Black Board".
There are numbers on the back for doing math.

Wise words to think about.

And now if I have an ounce of common sense, I'll get away from this computer and do a little laundry.  And maybe sew a little.  I have some very near to finished projects to share soon!