Saturday, January 15, 2011

Prettier than I deserve...

Just wanted to pop on and share what my husband made this week.  He used only scraps of wood he had left over from other jobs.  He really is an amazing carpenter (yes I am a little biased).  This little gas fireplace is in my sewing room which is actually a pretty big room so now I have to arrange things so there' s a nice little sitting area.  And I need to get the sewing area cleaned up better - I mean a room that has this in it should look more than presentable I think!

The fireplace sits in a corner which makes the decorating of the top a little challenging.
Any suggestions?
Here's close-up of the detail he added.

Now I want to get the room painted - we've been talking about it for a while now.  We started to paint it a few years ago - hence the burgundy color on the bottom portion of the wall, but we didn't follow through with the top color(was going to be a tan shade).  Now it all needs to be done again I think.   And I want to put new carpeting in - but that's really pushing my luck.  I'd go with a wood floor, but this room is over our unheated garage.  The floor gets pretty chilly in the winter.
My husband is scheduled to begin building a house for someone this Spring.  Wonder what my chances are of getting some painting done before the thaw?  I've been so enjoying all the beautiful painting that Dan has done over at Yesterday Once More, and it's making me want to give my walls a drink.  They've been the same color (mostly antique white) for almost 20 years now.  Isn't that long enough?