Monday, January 3, 2011

Two finishes!

I think that humbling myself by putting pictures of most of my unfinished projects might be just the cattle prod type motivation I needed to get these things done!  Here are my first two finishes.  The quilts needing just binding are next!

So glad to be putting this away with the Christmas things all ready to go for next Christmas!

This is going to hang outside my classroom door for January.

     Today is back to school for me!  I feel so spoiled to have a job where I get to enjoy long breaks at holiday time.  I am ready to get back into a routine and hear all about how vacation was for my kiddos.  We are going to start the day with some "shopping" in the book orders so they can spend the free book coupons I gave them for Christmas.  Today's bonus question for math will be "How many times in the year 2011 will the date be all ones?"  Do you know?
I hope everyone has a good first Monday of 2011!