Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Which one do you like?

Well, I did it.  I cut the old quilt.  Just a corner for now - until I decide the best way to use it some more.  I was like a little kid trying out scissors on their bangs for the first time when I started, but it didn't take me long to just cut.  Before I started, I "had a little talk" with the quilter who made this quilt and explained that I wanted to share her work with other people and make sure that it didn't just get thrown away.  I think we came to an understanding.  
Now I am wondering which style of heart people like best.  I think the one on the right looks more prim, but I really like the one on the left, too.  I am planning to add some little touches to them over the weekend, but I wanted to show what I've done so far.  

My husband and I found the springs in a mattress in a dump.  They aren't the older kind, but I think they'll work just fine. I could rust them a little more, but not sure I want to.
 We are going back for more, but I had to prove to him that I would use them first...  I can't believe he doubted that.  
Oh, wait, he's seen my pile of unfinished projects.  
I think I am seeing a connection here. Uh oh. :O

Here is a little door-knob hanger that I made from the quilt, too.  The pictures show both sides of it.