Thursday, April 14, 2011

Primitive Bunny Pattern

I wanted to share a pattern for the little prim bunny I made for my swap partner.  I intended to do a little tutorial, but my husband took the camera with him today, so I couldn't get the pictures I need.   
I have strong suspicions that he took it on purpose so I couldn't spend time blogging today instead of Spring cleaning...  Ha! Nice try!
I'm new at sharing patterns like this, so I know I probably don't have a good image for you to use below.  If you would like a pdf file that will print on a full 8.5 X 11 paper, just send me an email and I'll send it in an attachment to you.  (I'll be reading up on how to do this the right way, so hopefully it will eventually be one of several patterns I have in my sidebar.)

The little corner cutouts are there so that you can square up the bottom - like a purse or bag - and then the bunny will stand on its own.
The fabric I used is some I've had for a while.  It is called "Castle" I think.  It's kind of nubby.  I tea/coffee/vanilla stained it after I assembled, but before I stuffed it.  She goes together fairly quick except for the bottom which is a bit fussy due to the small area to work with.  And turning the ears is a bit of a challenge because I made the bottoms a bit narrow.  But I just didn't sew all the way to the bottom on both sides, and then they were easier to turn.  (You have to tuck about a half inch of the ear into the seam allowance to made sure it doesn't fall out anyway!)
I hope that someone, anyone finds this pattern to be something they'd enjoy doing.  I think the finished bunny is fun to tuck in just about any spot! : )