Thursday, August 18, 2011

Candy Corn Ornie Tutorial

Here is a tutorial for the candy corn ornies I included in my giveaway and swap packages.  

Candy Corn Ornies
You will need:
·       Orange, white and yellow fabric cut in strips.  The chart shows the sizes I used. 
·       A pattern or ruler in the shape of a candy corn.  (I used a 45° triangle ruler)

white fabric strips
1 ¾ in.
1 ½ in.
1 ¼ in.
orange fabric strips
4 ¼ in.
3 in.
2 in.
yellow fabric strips
3 in.
2 ¼  in.
1 ¾ in.

Sew the white, orange and yellow strips together in candy corn order (or not).   

I used a 45° triangle ruler to cut my candy corn shapes.  I folded the fabric in half and cut the two sides of the candy corn at once. 

Put the two pieces right sides together and stitch around the triangle, rounding off the points as you sew.  You could trim the points first, but I didn’t do it that way.
When you sew, start in the orange strip just before the seam with the yellow and back-stitch a little. Then sew all around the candy corn and stop in the orange strip just after the seam with the white strip, back-stitching again.  When I didn't do that the seams came apart between the colored strips when I turned the candy corn right side out for stuffing.

Stuff the candy corn to your liking – I found it best to start with the corners.  It’s tricky to get them to stay stuffed for some reason.  Then sew up the side seam.

Whip up a batch of grunge mix (you can find the recipe I use here) and paint it on, then dry it, either in the oven at about 200 or in the sunshine.  Sand off extra grunge if necessary.

Take two different sizes of candy corn and tie them together with some tea-stained cheese cloth.  I used the large and medium sizes.  Tie on a little hang tag.  I found free vintage postcard images online and resized them for the tag.  (I love my little xyron sticker maker for jobs like this!)
Tie on a little rusty bell and tie the tag to the cheese cloth. 
Voila! A fun Halloween ornie.

I made a few small ornies and put them in a basket for now.

Today we are off to visit our son at his new apartment.  Probably lunch and a little shopping for two showers I have this weekend.  
I hope you take time to do something you enjoy today!  Make it a good one. :)