Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Let's add a little light to my giveaway today!

I meant to have this posted earlier today, but when I opened up my blog this morning there were so many posts to check out in blog land that I got distracted.  I didn't get through even half of them!  When my husband notices my distractiblity he always says,  "Oh look, there's a chicken!"  (This happens pretty often...)  This was definitely a chicken situation.  Anyway, I'm blaming all you clever people out there for this late post.  You have so many great ideas!
Here is today's addition to my progressive giveaway - a candle clip:
The clip comes with the candle which is on a timer so it
turns on and off automatically each  evening.
The little berry and star ring is also included. 

This is how it looks on a book.  

You can win both of these items, plus a few more things by leaving a comment on my giveaway announcement post,  here.  Be sure to read the rules to find out a way to get an extra chance to win!

Also,  I decided to give an early bird award.  So everyone who signed up when they only saw the first item will be given an extra chance to win.  This includes Linda, Marti, Lecia, Jean, Lynn, Becky Jennifer, Linda, Jessica, Ronda, Rachel, Angela, Lois, Kathy, Denise and Amy.  :)   These were the first 16 entries before I published this post.
You might want to keep watch each day, I might throw in some other ways to get extra chances. :)

 I'm going to be busy finishing up my swap items for The Great Pumpkin Swap that Amy over at Bumble Bee Lane organized.  I want to get my stuff in the mail this week!

Have a great day!