Wednesday, August 17, 2011

We started with some sunflowers...

One of the first projects we completed while Libby was home was a batch of sunflowers.  We even got Mikey in on the fun.  (Uncle Mark wasn't available for dirt-biking or plane flying or other dirt and mud related jobs, so he was slumming with us... :)

I think the sunflowers really add a nice touch to the laundry, don't you?
Libby (sister), Mikey (nephew), and Chele (sister)
There were complaints about me running a sweat shop at this point.
I think Libby likes making sunflowers. :)
She took kits home for about a dozen more!
Staggering the layers.
Ready for stitching on the center by hand.
There were lots of complaints about this step.
Apparently some of us are having bifocal issues...
When it came time to do the grunging, MIkey didn't want all his petals flattened out,
so his are wrinkly.  Now that's the way Libby and I want to make them!

I keep forgetting to ask if anyone has any use for the fringe that I have been cutting off the bedspreads that I'm using for pumpkins and sunflower centers.  If you could use this for something, leave a comment or send an email.  I hate to throw something away that could be used somehow.