Saturday, August 20, 2011

Wooden CD Crate make-overs

I'm not sure how long ago I bought a couple of CD crates (from Michaels or Joanns I think), but they have been kicking around my craft shelf for a while now.  Libby and I painted them two different colors, then painted the slats on one side with chalkboard paint.  I think I am really going to enjoy finding other ways to use that chalkboard paint - I really liked how it turned out.

We started with the unfinished crate.

Libby painted her base coat of red, and I painted my base coat of a brownish color.  We used the folkart paint from Walmart.
We let those dry for several hours, then we each painted a different color.  Libby used black and I used a darker beige.  (If you really want the actual colors, leave a comment and I will look for you.)
We left them to dry overnight (maybe even two), and then we sanded so that the corners and sides looked worn to our liking.  Sorry, but I must not have taken pictures of these steps.  
After we sanded we taped the two slats where we planned to paint the chalkboard paint so that just the spot where we wanted the chalkboard paint showed.  Here's a picture of mine after I took the tape off and Libby's with the tape still on.  I hope this gives you at least an idea of how that step went.

Here's what they looked like after we took the tape off.

Now we get to the part where I did my usual lack of planning.  I meant to add a rub of walnut gel stain to the box before I put the chalkboard paint on, but I forgot or got distracted (oh look, there's a chicken!).
So I taped over the the chalkboard strips and stained yesterday.  I loved the effect!  However, when I took the tape off the chalkboard sections I found that I had overlapped onto the paint section which left a little bit of lighter unstained wood showing.  I retaped and tried again.  Not perfect, but I still really like it.
I think it's going to be fun to change the message on the side when the mood strikes.

Friday didn't go as planned here.  My son called in distress about his apartment situation.  This is the second apartment he's moved into since the first of July.    The poor kid has been trying so hard to be all grown up and independent about his apartment selection, but this situation required parental intervention.  Two bizarre apartment situations in one summer is the limit, I think. So Mark went to his rescue and moved him into apartment #3.  Third time is the charm, right?!  Here's hoping anyway. ;)

I hope you are all getting your weekends off to a good start.  A baby shower today and a bridal shower tomorrow for me.  And the continued de-cluttering of my life.... should be a good weekend. :)