Friday, August 19, 2011

Making Soup Can Bouquets

Another project we did while Libby was home...

First I spray painted the cans with this:

I pounded stakes into the ground and put the cans on top of them.
I wonder what the neighbors think when I do this stuff?
 Then we each had our own idea about what we wanted to do.  Libby and I used postcards or labels we found online or in my Print Shop software for ours.  We tried out a variety of sizes.  We also tried a couple of ways to put the labels on the cans.  When I printed them the first time, I used card stock which was too thick for staying stuck on with just the xyron sticker stuff I had.  So we got out the Mod Podge and painted the back of the label and then painted over the front after we got it stuck down.  Then I printed some on regular paper and those stayed on with just the xyron stuff.

Chele ended up using a can that wasn't spray painted and we covered it with fabric.  The little border she had picked out didn't go all the way around so I sewed a little strip to each side of it, then we slipped it over the can.  She went with a Halloween theme for the things she put in her bouquet.

Libby likes to decorate year round with a patriotic theme, so she made her can one she can use for that.

I wanted a Fall theme, so I put a pumpkin label on mine and put in some mostly orange flowers and berries.

I liked it so well that I made another one for my swap partner, Marilyn.  I made the label bigger for this one.  

We had a fun time creating our soup can bouquets.  They were fairly quick and not very expensive.  The cans are a recycle item (love that!), the labels were all free except for the printing.  The florals were from Stonewall Craftique and because the cans are fairly small, it doesn't take much to fill them.  (Be sure to check out Denise's Stonewall Craftique blog - she shares awesome recipes and great decorating tips!)  We also put that floral foam stuff in the can.  I had some of that left over from another time, and it didn't take much to fill these little cans.  
It was a fun project with lots of possibilities for any time of year.

I am off to work on cleaning and organizing my sewing room.  I had just started before Libby came home, and now it's time to get serious! I really want it in order before school starts.  

This afternoon I am signed up to "watch" the school work at the fair.  I've never had trouble with vandals before so it's pretty low pressure - and there's usually kettle corn nearby so win, win. :)

I hope you have a great day in your neck of the woods!