Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My treasures from the Great Pumpkin Swap - a.k.a. Winning the Lottery!

Yesterday was my sister's last day here so it was a busy one.  But I snuck to the post office closest to where I live to mail out my Great Pumpkin swap package to my partner.  Then I drove another mile to the post office where I get my mail.  I couldn't believe it - my swap from Marilyn was already here!  (She just emailed to let me know she mailed it on Saturday!)
Oh my goodness!  When I opened that package my eyes welled up with tears.  I have always wanted to a penny rug, and that is exactly what she made just for me!  She also made 4 autumn coasters and a humbug bag in a quilty design.  On top of that she added a fun jack-o-lantern hanger and a little sewing kit with a pumpkin pin cushion in it.  Fun, fun, fun!  It was like winning the lottery. :)
Here are some pictures of everything:
Here is all my loot in one spot!
I have to get a better picture of that penny rug
so you can  see how beautiful it is!
Coasters (I've never had any wool ones before!),
humbug bag, and sewing kit. :)
I have an idea of a way to use those coasters -
 hopefully I'll have time to do that soon.
Here is where I have my penny rug for now.
I can tell I am going to be moving it around a lot
so I can enjoy it all over my house. :)

I hung the little jack-o-lantern next to my Attic Annie
that I bought from Wendy at Ravenwood Whimzies last year.
Now I have to ask you if you have done a swap and been the first person to get the package and then worry, worry, worry, that your partner likes the things you sent them?!

I will be back sometime soon to show some of the mess fun that Libby and I got into while she was here. :)