Thursday, December 9, 2010

PS.......your blog needs attention....

Libby has ever so gently let me know that it's time to get my blog updated and back on track.  Her message was:
"PS.......your blog needs attention....and a picture change! hahahahaha

Love you too, Libby - and thanks for pushing me a little. :)
The header picture has been changed - finally.  And I promise to post  pictures of some of my Christmas decorating in the very near future.  But actually I haven't even put up my tree yet (gasp)!  
For now I am focused on doing some significant cleaning around the house.  I really should have taken before pictures of some of the rooms we've worked on, but my pride stopped me.  I am not a full-blown hoarder, but I have to fight the tendency.  I have a terrible habit of not dealing with the mail when it comes into the house.   The piles of papers were ridiculous and kind of stress-inducing.  Let's face it, even if you put disorganized piles of paper in a lovely Longaberger basket, it's still unattractive and messy...  And I am absolutely horrible about following the strategy of "a place for everything and everything in it's place."    My strategy is more like "everything in the nearest pile that isn't toppling over".  My worst piling station has been my pantry.  I  wish I had taken a before picture of that room just to remind myself of why I want to keep the order.  (Disgraceful comes to mind...  I couldn't even walk in there.) Here's a picture of that room tonight:
The door on the left is the pantry.
The door straight ahead is the downstairs bathroom.
When I get in the mood to sort aggressively I really have to stick with it because I don't know when I'll get that urge again.  :)  And yes, I realize that December is not a typical month to do this sort of thing.  I am aware that it's called Spring Cleaning for a reason related to the calendar...  Maybe this is an empty nest kind of thing.  No kiddo here to push the holiday decorating into gear.  I also just couldn't get motivated to hide the clutter so I could decorate.  But now that I've cleared a great deal of that clutter, I am feeling more in the spirit of the season... so I will try to get crackin'!