Friday, December 31, 2010

Best wishes for a safe, happy, healthy 2011

May we all focus more on the "things" in life that really matter, and not on the things we can't fix or change. 
Learn from mistakes, but don't hold onto them. 
Let yourself (or force yourself to) look for the good in people.
Find beauty in the world around you.
Don't wait for something big and wonderful to happen- find the wonderful in little things.
Pray for those who are struggling in any way.  
Find peace and comfort with friends and family.
Don't just count your blessings - share them.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

I know I haven't been on much lately.  Busy with life, I guess.  I read on someone's blog one time that they thought their life was full of stress and trouble, and then they realized it was just full of life.  If I could remember whose blog it was I would give them credit for that thought.   I have been struggling with life being rather challenging for one reason or another, and when I got in the car the other day the song below was playing and it really has a good reminder/message for all of us - because I know that EVERYONE has stress/challenges/struggles that they face as they move through life.  Keep moving.  One foot in front of the other.  Fake it 'til you make it.  Do whatever it takes.  You can do it.

Today I am working on cleaning another room - the dreaded sewing room.  It has become another dumping ground I'm afraid, which is only natural because it is also the room where I keep all my decorations and things like that.  I was going to take a before picture, but when I came downstairs for the camera I realized my husband must have taken it with him.  Good thing, I should probably have more self-respect than to publish photos of the mess for all the world to see.  But I think maybe I'm not the only one who deals with keeping up with the "stuff".  
Anyway, I am just taking a short break from the cleaning to do a quick report.  So far, I have found over 20 projects that are in various stages of completion.  While I often struggle with the whole new year's resolution thing (I mean, where do I start on the road to improvement - there are so many areas that could use help... :O)
 this year I believe I will make it my resolution to get the projects I have started finished.  The good news is that I still like most of them a whole lot so the working on them shouldn't actually cause physical pain. :)
I will be back with pictures of all these projects after the cleaning is done and the camera makes it's way back home.  

P.S. Libby, I found my "sister ring" right when I started cleaning.  I put it on for good luck and it really is helping, I think!  :)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Another favorite book...

     Just thought I'd share another favorite book this morning.  We haven't had any snow days at my school yet, but there has been a lot of wishful thinking!  When I walked kids out to the bus line on Monday afternoon they were all thinking that Tuesday might be a snow day.  One of the kids said to me, "Don't forget to wear your pajama bottoms inside out and put a spoon under your pillow!"  I have heard many versions of the inside out pajama trick (including putting them in the freezer first), but never the spoon under the pillow.  When I asked the group what is the spoon for one of them replied, "For eating all that snow, I guess!"
     One of my favorite winter time books is called "Snow Day!" by Lester Laminack.  There are several books by this title, but this one is really fun to read to the kids because it has a bit of a surprise ending.  The book actually is all about the anticipation of a possible snow day.  If you haven't seen this one, you might want to check it out.  It has really fun illustrations by Adam Gustavson.  It also makes a fun teacher gift.  You'll see why when you read it. :)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

PS.......your blog needs attention....

Libby has ever so gently let me know that it's time to get my blog updated and back on track.  Her message was:
"PS.......your blog needs attention....and a picture change! hahahahaha

Love you too, Libby - and thanks for pushing me a little. :)
The header picture has been changed - finally.  And I promise to post  pictures of some of my Christmas decorating in the very near future.  But actually I haven't even put up my tree yet (gasp)!  
For now I am focused on doing some significant cleaning around the house.  I really should have taken before pictures of some of the rooms we've worked on, but my pride stopped me.  I am not a full-blown hoarder, but I have to fight the tendency.  I have a terrible habit of not dealing with the mail when it comes into the house.   The piles of papers were ridiculous and kind of stress-inducing.  Let's face it, even if you put disorganized piles of paper in a lovely Longaberger basket, it's still unattractive and messy...  And I am absolutely horrible about following the strategy of "a place for everything and everything in it's place."    My strategy is more like "everything in the nearest pile that isn't toppling over".  My worst piling station has been my pantry.  I  wish I had taken a before picture of that room just to remind myself of why I want to keep the order.  (Disgraceful comes to mind...  I couldn't even walk in there.) Here's a picture of that room tonight:
The door on the left is the pantry.
The door straight ahead is the downstairs bathroom.
When I get in the mood to sort aggressively I really have to stick with it because I don't know when I'll get that urge again.  :)  And yes, I realize that December is not a typical month to do this sort of thing.  I am aware that it's called Spring Cleaning for a reason related to the calendar...  Maybe this is an empty nest kind of thing.  No kiddo here to push the holiday decorating into gear.  I also just couldn't get motivated to hide the clutter so I could decorate.  But now that I've cleared a great deal of that clutter, I am feeling more in the spirit of the season... so I will try to get crackin'!