Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Let's just pretend it hasn't been over a month since I last posted....

I know it's been a crazy amount of time since I last posted. Lots to do, lots going on, lots of excuses I could make...   The one thing I can say is that I gave myself a blogging time-out until I had my swap things ready to send.  The box is all packed and now I just have to write a little note to pop in, and I can get it in the mail on Wednesday.  What a relief!  I really stressed over whether my end of the swap is good enough.  Does anyone else out there have that problem?

I noticed that Misi's Tuesday display chain is newly acquired so I thought I'd join in for the first time and share a few new-to-me treasures.

Big sale at the "Gigglin Pig" - Yes, that's the real name of the store.
I "needed" this lantern...
I bought this wreath when I bought the lantern above.
It was around the base of the lantern, and now I can't get it back on there.
Will deal with that later....

My husband found this fragile little nest in my Dad's driveway.
So I found the little bird to put in it.
Makes me smile every time I look at it on my kitchen windowsill.

I bought this little broken tin bird cookie cutter last weekend for $2.00.
I just really liked it...

My new breadbox - just what I've been searching for
so I can hide my tissue box and some daily medicines.

I found this at a little store that I can't wait to go back to visit soon.
There were many, many treasures to be found in that place.
I'm going to see if they'll let me take some pictures next time I go.

I have wanted an egg basket for a long time.
This one was half price when I got to the register - just under $8.00!

Just got my little chicken coop thingy last week, too.
 I am not actually a big stuffed animal person, but I like these three for Spring.

Found him in the local pharmacy gift nook.
I like wood things that look like they might have been run over in the driveway a few times.

Found the middle sized egg several weeks ago on my birthday.
Went back to the same place and picked up the large and small ones a week later.
I have no idea why I wanted the set, but I am going to hang them together in my kitchen.
I found this little "tobacco slats" box (that's what the tag said on it) at an antique shop in Angelica, NY.
The  owner of the booth was going out of business so I got it for half price - score!
My husband thought he could help me make an arrangement for my new treasure.
I'm thinking he'll need to keep his day job until he gets a little more experience....