Friday, December 30, 2011

Get a jump on your Valentine's Day crafting...

Here are a few vintage Valentine postcards that I have.  They were received in the mail in the year 1912.  I thought it was fun to think about using something from 100 years ago to make something new.

 I think I will make some pillow tucks with some of them. I have been wanting to try out some of this stuff:

I found out about Bubble Jet Set 2000 from my friends at Material Rewards in Dansville, NY.  They have used loads of it for the quilts they have made for the children of deployed soldiers.
You soak the fabric in the solution for a few minutes and then let it dry.  Once it's dry, iron it onto some freezer paper, cut to 8.5x11 inches and you can print right onto the fabric with your inkjet printer.  The images will be vibrant and last through washing with mild detergent.   I like that I will be able to get tons and tons of images from just one bottle.  The bottle says 40-50 sheets depending on the weight of the fabric.

I will keep you posted on my progress with this idea.  But first, I have to finish off a couple more UFOs that were part of my resolution for 2011.  Sadly, I can't really call this resolution a success, but I have finished a few of the things in the line-up.  I'll keep working on it.  You might have noticed that I tend to get side-tracked easily.
So many ideas, so little time...

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Jar Light Tutorial

Good morning. :)  I hope everyone is having a relaxing week after the Christmas rush.  I am getting a few things done around the house that have needed attention for a while now.  Vacations come just in the nick of time, don't they?!  I was planning to go to school to do some work today, but it's finally snowing here.  And blowing.  A lot.  I have to make that snowy blowy drive when school's in session, but today I can choose the comfort of home instead.  There's always tomorrow for a day at school playing catch-up.  Or the next day.

My holiday decorating was pretty minimalist this year.  But I had a phone call Monday night and arrangements were made to have people in on Tuesday night.   Yikes!  Well the area that was most in need of at least a little something was my stairs.  They were bare.  Na da.  Nothing.  Zip.
So I thought about what I have on hand, and this is what I came up with:
Please ignore the fact that the stairs are
"temporary" - unpainted plywood and all.
Here's the quick how-to.  I had the jars on hand because I didn't make strawberry jam this year.  (Next year... There is always next year.)

This is a branch of greens that I have had for a few years now.  I use wire cutters to harvest what I need.

Cut really close to where it "branches".

Use a berry pick which you picked up on a huge sale.
Just pull one strand out at a time.  It's actually rather therapeutic.
I used two berry strands and two "branches" from the greens.
Twist the ends of the greens together to make a circle.
Wind the berry strands around that.
Set the mini wreath on top of the jar and place the candle in it.
Hmmm... needs something....
A strand or two of the berries wrapped around?
They were going to be a pain when turning the
candles on and off.
I think it needs snow...
What do I have that looks like snow?
This stuff - and better yet I'll still be able to
use it when I'm done with the jars!
Didn't use this funnel for jam last June,
but it came in handy for this job!
Those little pellets are pretty bouncy, so pour slowly!
This was the kind of look I was going for.  Simple.
I love the soft light from the jars going up my stairs.
I think I'll add some of my snowmen to the empty stairs and this look will be good for me through January. :)
Have a lovely day!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Merry Christmas to All

I have had yet another beautiful surprise
in the mail from Linda of Parker's Paradise.
I am truly humbled by her ongoing generosity.
I wish I could convey to her how much her
gifts in the mail have touched me and lifted me up.
I have had almost zero time for blogging lately.  Haven't posted, haven't read very many other posts.  But vacation is coming at the end of the week.  Our school goes til the end of the day on Friday, so I still have 3 more days of high energy fun with my 4th graders.  :)  They have really been on their best Santa-is-coming behavior this week.  Hopefully I can sneak a little time over my week off to catch up with what's happening in blog land.

Merry Christmas and best wishes for all good things in 2012!