Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Nice Day...

I had a nice day today and just thought I'd share a bit of it.  My husband and I went for a little drive to a town about a half hour away.  Purpose of the trip: I needed to stop in at Walmart and pay my Sam's bill, and he needed Farm Supply for bedliner for his truck.  As we approached Walmart I realized that I had not brought the Sam's Bill with me.  Grrr. I really need to do a better job of focusing lately.  Perfect opportunity for husband to be annoyed - he didn't show it if he was.   While in Walmart, my son called to wish me happy birthday, and I had a nice little visit with him.  (Insert more patience from husband.)
Got the bedliner and a few groceries and then took a nice drive to an antique co-op a few towns away.  I've been wanting to go in there for a long time as we pass it each time we go to son's college.  (Insert MORE patience from husband - this isn't his favorite thing to do.) We each found some treasures.  Some we left there in case someone else needed them (smile...), and a few we felt we "needed".   Here's what I thought should come home with me:
I have a little thing for cookie cutters and, I've been looking for different bunny ones lately.   I love the red handled ones.
And the egg mold is the first mold I've purchased.
 I have been thinking about trying the pantry cakes that blog friends have posted about and display so nicely.
The egg was a timely find for Spring. :)

After I found the cookie cutters and mold I could tell that it was time to feed the husband... anyone else have that experience?
We left the shop and went for a quick bite to eat.  When we got done eating, he told me that he wanted to go back to the shop for a couple of things!  (Insert shock and surprise on my part...)  So we went back and picked up two things that we both liked and left there the first time.
I have been wanting one of these little step stools for a while.
The steps fold back in.  I was thinking about putting it on my mantle, but have decided it's a little too big.
(My mantle is a corner mantle and a bit of a
decorating challenge for me.)
I have a couple of other spots to try it out in - I'm sure I can find a home for it.  I want to sand it down a bit and paint it antique white or black - haven't decided yet.   

I bought this book simply because it brought back a wave of fond memories to me.  When I was young, my cousin Darcy and I used to love reading The Happy Hollister series.  We spent hours reading these books!  I can remember once in a while we would wonder who was a faster reader - (Darcy always was).  Fond memories of simpler times.  Not sure where I'm going to put it, but definitely not just on a bookshelf.

This is the little cabinet that my husband couldn't leave in the shop.  We thought we might like it for the bathroom, but after trying it there, we had to check out other options.  I believe he's going to build a shelf for it to sit on in the laundry room.  My first thought was to paint it, but I think he would need resuscitation if I did that.  He is definitely a fan of stain rather than paint.  I'm not sure I can change that anytime soon.  Oh well, it's his treasure this time... : )

After the second trip to the co-op I went for broke and asked him to stop at one more shop on the way home.  (At this point we can insert maximum patience from husband as this shop is located in  spot where he HATES the parking.)  He chose to wait in the truck, so I hurried as I was then living on the edge... ; )
I found an awesome firkin in that store, but decided I had already gotten enough treasure for one day. (I'm really not sure if $50.00 is a little high for that particular one - where might I find out more about pricing for these I wonder?)  Anyway maybe it'll be there next trip.
I hope all of you have had a nice weekend.  I have a couple of days off this week for President's Day, and I am hoping to get some sewing done so that I can share my newest brain drizzle.  : )
That's it for me tonight.  I have to wake husband up to go to bed.  (He had a challenging day - it's not easy to approach saint-like patience with a fairly unfocused wife!)  
I will be back tomorrow with a little project that's quick and fun!

Relax and feel the difference...
: ) Melissa