Thursday, September 23, 2010

I got a Primfills' package!!

A while back I sent a message to Jobeth over at Primfills.  Her blog is one I have enjoyed and been lifted up by over and over.  You can just feel her kind spirit through her posts.  Well, I hadn't seen a post from her in a while and I sent a little note to check on her just to let her know I was thinking positive thoughts for her.  We exchanged several emails and I learned that Jobeth is working on a Memorial Blog for her nephew.  She is also trying to start a foundation in honor of his memory.  You can read about it in her post here.  
Well, I ordered from Jobeth as a donation to the foundation because I felt that it was a cause I would like to support.  And I just thought I'd share some pictures of the goodies I received.  Jobeth is truly a generous spirit!  I love all the things she sent and I can't wait for this weekend when I will truly have time to find little homes for everything.

This is what I ordered:
I absolutely love the stitchery!
And I must tell you that room spray is DELICIOUS!!

This is what was in my package:

Some close-ups:

Thank you Jobeth!!  I should have shown it all wrapped up, but true confessions: I picked up the package at the post office on my way to school.  I just couldn't stand it so I opened it when I got to the school parking lot.  Yes, I used my car keys.  Yes, I looked like a little kid at Christmas.  And yes, I was a bit giddy during the opening process.  There is still some packaging on my car seat. :)  (It's times like these that I am most certain I am on candid camera - or the Melissa version of the "Truman Show"...)  
I smiled all day and couldn't wait to get home to truly enjoy my new treasures. 
Happy day everyone,