Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ornie Swap and other thoughts...

Wendy over at Ravenwood Whimzies Primitives is hosting an ornament swap!  Click on the picture above for a link to sign up for the swap. The swap is for one ornament that is handmade by you.  I hope you head over there to join the fun!

Well, the first couple weeks of school have been sooo busy!  You'd think that after 23 years of experience it would just be a breeze.  But, nope! Every year is a new adventure :)
I am trying some things that are new to me this year and boy are they proving to be challenging for me - but in a good way.  But man am I tired...  To add to the challenge we seem to have started the flu season a bit early this year.  Several of my little friends have already had to stay home for multiple days.  I was fortunate enough to get the worst of it over the weekend.  (And I am sincere when I say fortunate.  I really do not like writing out plans for a substitute.)  I am choosing to believe we are just getting the sickness thing over with early this year.  (I'd rather not entertain the thought that this is going to extend the flu season...)

I just got home a few minutes ago and I turned the computer on to do a bit more work for tomorrow and of course had to check in with blog-land.  Thank you to everyone who is finding time to post.  I love seeing what people are working on!  Hopefully I will have some pictures soon.  I mentioned a while back that I had some thrift store finds  to share and maybe get some suggestions about.  And I haven't forgotten that I want to host a giveaway for my double digit followers.  I am working on that, but progress seems a bit slow.  I better get it in gear before the fall season slips away or I'll have to start over!!

As I am sitting here, a young girl from the neighborhood is walking around my block singing out loud - real loud.  She does that pretty often, and I have to say that every time she walks by it makes me smile.  We should all let loose like that once in a while.  Well, maybe not me - I am pretty much tone deaf.  But more people should go around singing out loud.  It makes a person feel a little less tired somehow.  I hope anyone who reads this gets a little smile thinking about walking around the block singing at the top of your lungs.  Especially you, Libby.  :)
Happy second day of Fall!