Sunday, November 20, 2011

Joy ornies

I said I would post a little tutorial for my joy ornies this weekend, and it looks like I am coming in just under the wire.  (My husband doesn't call me "Last minute Lissa" for nothin', ya know!)
Anyhow, here's the basics.  They are actually fairly quick and easy.
I made a little clothesline for drying them
after I sprayed them with staining stuff.
1.  Start by visiting Jennie Baer over at  I contacted Jennie to make sure she wouldn't mind if I directed folks to her free patterns.  She has moved away from creating patterns to photography - and you should see her work!  GORGEOUS!  I love the way she captures the eyes on her subjects.  (I'm an eye person - it's where I always notice first in a photo.)
Click on the "freebies" tab and then on Ornie Patterns.  I used the star ornie outline for my Joy ornies.  (She has lots of other really nice prim patterns, so look around!)

2.  Cut two pieces of fabric for each ornie (front and back).  I love ticking fabric and I used natural ticking for these ornies.  My fabric pieces were about 6" X 8.5", but they could have been a little bit smaller and still worked.

3.  Cut the star out, on the line.  Then trace the star onto your fabric using a disappearing ink pen.  I used a Sewline air erasable marker.

4.  Use the disappearing marker to write "JOY" on the star.

5.  Layer a piece of batting under the top piece of fabric and stitch the J and the Y using your choice of thread.  Be sure to leave enough room for your O!

6.  Now layer the back layer of fabric (right sides out, not together) and stitch all the way around the star with thread that matches your fabric.  Stitch right on the line you traced.
7.  Cut out the star using pinking shears, being careful not to cut through your stitched line.

8.  Prim your ornie by coffe / tea / vanilla staining and or grunging on both sides.

9.  Sew a bell or button onto the spot where the O should be, going through all layers, but being careful not to take big stitches or it will make a mess on the back of the ornie.

10.  Wind berry vine around and end up at the top, making a loop for hanging out of the end of the berry vine.  You can make your own berry vine by taking a berry pick or a berry swag apart.  Just take two strands at a time and twist them together, end-to-end..  Because it's wire inside, they stay twisted pretty well.

I have a JOY make-do to share tomorrow.  Get your bed-springs ready!
I hope the coming week brings the blessings in your life into a sharper focus.  May those blessings be abundant, and even more special when shared.