Friday, November 4, 2011

A surprise in the mail from Parker's Paradise :)

Thank you, Linda!
When I saw the pillow on the left I thought,
"I be thankful for Linda!"  
These two beautiful pillow tucks came in my mail a day or two ago.  Linda from Parker's Paradise strikes again!  It was such a lovely, lovely surprise!  I have them on the little cupboard in my kitchen for now, but I know I am going to have fun trying them out in different locations this weekend. :)

Last night, my elementary school hosted its first ever Autumn Pumpkin Walk.  It was an amazing event!  I didn't get good pictures, so here's one not so good one just so you have an inkling of what it looked like.
This was about 20 minutes before the Pumpkin Walk started.
The outdoor lights got turned off, and that path was FULL of
families enjoying the pumpkins together.
It does not even come close to the reality of how incredible the pumpkins looked lining the access road behind our school and winding up onto the side lawn.   There were about 400 pumpkins which our students carved in school, mostly on Halloween.  This is my favorite school event ever so far!  The families that came to the pumpkin walk paid 50 cents a person to walk the trail of pumpkins and got a free hay ride, too.  There were refreshments - cider, hot chocolate, donuts, and popcorn - which is where I worked most of the evening.  I had so much fun doing that!   Everyone was so joyful and happy.  It was a much needed nearly perfect moment in time.
My husband drove over to see it, and his word about it was "It was just so wholesome."
The money is being used for field trips for our students, so the cause was terrific, too.  There were people who did the walk and took the hay ride and came back to the entrance and donated more money because it was so wonderful.  I am already looking forward to next year's Autumn Pumpkin Walk.

I will admit that I am so glad it is Friday!  I am ready for a weekend to rest up.  And do report cards.  And get ready for parent conferences.  And maybe some laundry.  And some housework.  But none of that will be while I am also trying to teach!!  Whew! This school year is a whirlwind so far!
Oh, and I am hoping that I get to sneak to Caledonia, New York tomorrow for a Peddler's Market full of antiques and prims... :)
Have a nice weekend!