Sunday, August 8, 2010

Happy Birthday to...

...Libby!  Yup, it's Libby's birthday today.  It's also the day she had to leave to go back to Missouri.  Dang it!  I think Libby turns 29 again today.  Which means she had her first son, Zach, at about age 9.  Weird, huh?       
     We had a fun week with lots of laughs (more posts of that to come), and I want to thank Libby's husband Jeff for using a week of his vacation time to bring Libby and son Mikey to New York.  Just what every guy wants to do - go spend vacation time with the crazy in-laws...  but Jeff is always a good sport about it, and we really appreciate him for that!
     Happy, happy birthday Libby!  We know that it wasn't much fun to leave this morning, but I promise I will try to send a little bit of home to you by way of libbieshome.  Which, by the way, is your birthday present!   :D       Love you!