Thursday, August 12, 2010

Remembering Libby's visit

I missed blogging yesterday because my husband and I were celebrating our 20th anniversary!  Yup, blinked my eyes and 20 years went by!  We had a nice low-key day.  He drove me to a workshop that I attended for school in the morning, and then we went on to the big city for a little time in the mall.  Bought a few things for school. Bought new sneakers for my husband.  Just a not-too-exciting-just-nice-to-be-together kind of a day.
That reminds me about something I heard about a wedding card that someone received recently and basically it was wishing for the bride and groom that when people asked them many years from their wedding day how long have they been married, their answer would be "Not long enough."  Blessings don't come much bigger than that, do they?
Here's a picture of the two of us from a couple of years ago.  Can't find a more recent one.  I am digital-photo-organizationally-challenged.

Now on to some quick memories about Libby's visit.  I think she is feeling a little homesick today so here are a couple of fun memories to make her feel closer to home.  
The first picture needs a quick explanation.  While Libby was here, we ate a lot and we sat around a lot.  One morning my mother said to Libby, "Did you have a fight with my bathroom scale this morning?"  I didn't get it until Libby took me on a tour to the bathroom.  I'd definitely say there was a fight, but I'm not sure who won.  You be the judge:
She calls 'em likes she sees 'em...

These next photos probably should have gone before the last one, but in reality it happened after the scale incident, so I'm trying to be true to history...
My mother is famous for her chocolate chip cookies.  True story -when we were in high school, our driver ed. teacher made kids go to the door of our house and ask if she made cookies today. Even if they didn't know her... Hey he was a big guy and nobody argued with him.  Besides if she did make cookies they weren't complainin' anyway.
Now while Lilbby was home the weather was a little hot and humid some of the days.  My mom doesn't like how her cookies turn out in that weather so we had to wait for a good weather day.  It's always worth the wait so we didn't mind... much.  Half the fun of the cookies is eating the dough.  All you people out there who now want to caution me about the dangers of salmonella poisoning don't bother.  It won't stop me from eating cookie dough.  I like to live dangerously... sometimes. (And yes, Libby, I had to look up how to spell salmonella.)
On cookie morning, I was at my house so that Libby and her family could have a little time with my parents on their own.  My phone rang and when I answered my nephew said only, "Get to grandma's - quick!"  I didn't panic because I could hear him smile.  A cookie dough smile.  But I ran anyway.
Bowl of bliss.

Just look at that cookie-dough-eating smile on Mikey. : )

They may look like ordinary chocolate chip cookies, but they aren't.  They are Grandma Janet Cookies!
No one can duplicate these babies.  We think she puts in a secret ingredient when no one's looking, but we haven't been able to catch her in the act.  I'll have to ask her if I can share the recipe in another post.  Won't matter. No one has ever been able to duplicate the results.  I came close one time, but the evidence disappeared before the investigation could be finished. : )