Saturday, August 7, 2010

Telling people where to go... important.  Especially if you are the ones in charge of planting the sign that shows people how to get up a private drive to a wedding party.  That was my job today with my sister - you guessed it - Libby. We were armed with two pieces of rebar (think metal posts), a large hammer, our sign, and garden gloves (I didn't want to get my hands dirty).
     Since I had only been up the private drive one time, I let Libby who had been up the drive multiple times - okay two times, be the one deciding where to plant the sign.  We carefully pulled off the country road in my son's truck, I put on my garden gloves and proceeded to work very hard (I might have even sweated a little) at pounding rebar into the roadside.  We felt incredibly powerful swinging that big hammer.  Okay I felt powerful.  Libby felt a little afraid because she was the one holding the rebar.  But anyway we planted that sign good.  Really good.  It was lovely.  
     Then we got back into the truck and moved up the road to turn around at the crossroad so we could get back up to the party.  Just one problem.  As we drove slowly up the road we passed another driveway.  And that's when Libby said, "Umm..."  
We planted the stinkin' sign in the wrong stinkin' driveway!!  
So back down the road we go.  Libby gets out of the truck and plucks the rebar out of the roadside.  I mean it was like she was picking posies.  And I really hammered hard.  Honest.  Back up the road.  Hammer, hammer, hammer.  Plant the sign on the posts.  Back in the truck and up the driveway to join the party.  We swore we wouldn't tell anyone.  That lasted about a minute and a half.
     Every time someone at the party mentioned that the sign really helped them find the party, we cracked up again.
     Congratulations to our nephew Christopher and his new wife Julia!  Libby and I will never forget this day!
Don't you just love the view of that hillside?