Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A taste of fall

This morning my husband and I took a ride to our favorite lumber company.  I love going there because the people who work there are just the nicest people around.  Just a couple of items to pick up today, so we went for a little drive on the way home.
We pulled into an Arrow Mart to fill up and I went in looking for the guilty pleasure of a cappuccino.  It was a bonanza of choices.  I went with filling my cup 2/3 of the way with pumpkin spice cappuccino and 1/3 with caramel nut crunch coffee.  It was like drinking a pumpkin muffin!  It made me want to rush home and get all my fall stuff out.  (I got a grip on myself by feeling the heat and humidity of this early August day.) As we were enjoying this sinful treat I made the comment to my husband that I think these babies are pretty fattening.  He asked, "Does it taste good? Well, there's your answer."  Sigh. Probably a good thing Arrow Mart isn't down the street.