Monday, August 23, 2010

Quick Kitchen "Makeover"

Happy Monday to all.  It's a rainy one here, but it's kind of nice.  I think my posies needed a drink. :)

Last Friday, during our "wander around like we don't have work to do week", we visited Lowe's.  I have been wishing for new knobs for my kitchen cabinets.  The ones on the cabinets have been there since we put the kitchen in about 15 years ago.  At the time, we were working on a pretty tight budget and we were like pirates finding treasure when we found the knobs at one of big box stores for about 79 cents apiece!  Here is what those knobs look like:

They were very nice and I really did like them at first.  But bright brass isn't really one of my favorite looks and has become less and less so in recent years.  So I have been looking around for different knobs.  I should probably confess at this point that I am kind of a cheap-skate about things like this.  I always feel very guilty about replacing things that aren't broken beyond repair.  But after I painted my chairs and table, I REALLY wanted new knobs.  So apparently my guilt is a bit shallow in this area.
Then we found knobs that I LOVED at Lowe's.  They weren't cheap either - definitely not 79 cents each.  But because I am also a master at rationalization, I told my husband that this was a very inexpensive way to get a "new" kitchen.  I still love my cabinets, I still enjoy my counter top even though it is definitely not a neutral color.  When you looked at the picture above and you thought, "Gee, her counter looks like it's purple," you were correct. I know that might be a strange color for a kitchen counter, but honestly I have really enjoyed it. 
Well here are some pictures of the new knobs.  I just LOVE the way they look with the table and chairs!  

Here's a close-up of the drawer pull:

Our next dilemma is what color to paint the kitchen.  It's time for the grape stencils to go, and it's time for a warmer color on the walls.   We have been holding up pieces of fabric from my quilting stash to try to get an idea of what color to paint, but we just can't decide.  I  will just have to keep studying blog pictures, A Primitive Place magazine, and Country Sampler for ideas!
P.S.  Please forgive my bare bones decorating in the kitchen.  It's almost time for fall stuff (yea!), so I have been putting summer things away.  Once I get my classroom in order, I will be able to "play" at home.