Sunday, July 24, 2011

A couple of cleaning tips

Let me start by saying I am no cleaning guru.  Not. Even. Close.  But I do like to find ways to make cleaning more efficient and easier.  Here are two tips - the first is a product that I have used with great results and the second is a little trick I discovered, but don't remember where I got the idea.

Whink Rust and Stain Remover is the best stain removing product I have ever used for laundry.  I use this all the time and on a variety of fabrics.  Last summer I was headed to a workshop and I stopped for coffee on the way.  Okay, it was really a combination of coffee and a little hot chocolate because I don't drink grown-up coffee. Ever.  Anyway, after I paid for the coffee I reached to pick it up from the counter and bumped it and it spilled. Down the front of my WHITE pants.  And yes, I had purchased a large serving size.  So attractive.  We won't discuss my need for therapy as a result of having to go to my workshop with those pants on.  That's another post.  Or possibly even another blog entirely.
When I got home, I used Whink on my white pants and in one washing they were as good as new!
I have also used it on shirts that have those embarrassing stains under the arms.  Works like a charm!

My second tip involves the dreaded topic of dusting.  I really don't enjoy this task, and I think that's mostly because as soon as you get the job done, it's time to do it over again.  This might be why I don't dust as often as I should... or maybe I can always find something better to do...  I am also  a little over the top about doing this job.  I can't stand it if there is dust left in the corner of something, or trapped between two parts of something.  You get the idea.  Well, I bought a paintbrush for just that job.  It's amazing how well it works for things like getting into the corners of the windowsill, or into the nooks and crannies of the keyboard, or into the wire wings of my angels.  I spray a little pledge on the ends of the paintbrush, and work it into those nooks and crannies and voila!  Dusting accomplished.  Til the next day anyway.

Frankly, I hope your day involves absolutely no cleaning, laundry, or dusting of any sort.  But if it does, may it be quick and painless. :)  Have a great day!