Monday, July 18, 2011

Getting Organized and Shopping in my own antique store...

I wrote in my last post about my need to get organized.  Well, I have been working away at it, and I am really enjoying it - yes, I said enjoying it!
I started with my kitchen counter which looked like this:

I have to admit that this isn't that bad compared to what it was a week ago - I had already worked on it quite a bit.  But I never seem to completely tame the mess - until now!  My counter is my dropping spot, and it's driving me crazy because it looks so messy!  So I decided to make that my priority on Friday.  I used several of the tips I found in the GO organize! book I wrote about in my last post.  
Well once I had manageable piles, I needed a way to contain them.  So I went shopping - in my own antique store. :)  At least that's what my husband called it when he created it one day while I was at work.  You see, this past Spring I dragged him to a couple of antique shops, and he started noticing that I already had a few items not in use at home.  So he made me my own antique shop - in our basement.  Think dark, dirt floor, low ceiling, a bit spooky - I think you get the picture.  Well, I have to admit that he did me a huge favor!  He got all my things organized for me and in one spot.  (At least the ones he knows about.)  Here are a few pictures of my antique shop:

What's that?  I should have warned you that it's not pretty?  Ooh, sorry about that!

 I knew there had to be something down there that I could use to help me tame the paper piles.  There was!
I decided to use this old tool carrier.  I had no idea where it came from, but I thought it might have belonged to Mark's grandfather.  But Mark came clean when he got home and saw it on the counter.  "You know I made that, right?"  What?  It's not an antique?  It can't be an antique because he is younger than me, and I am certainly not vintage - yet.
Here's a shot of the counter now.  Please forgive the 3 watermelons.  I was in charge of cutting up the fruit for a graduation party on Saturday - and yes, I didn't even think of moving them for the picture - nor any other random item you might spy.  

I used two old bed-springs to help me "file" the papers in the toolbox:

 I am not positive that I will continue to use the tool carrier, partly because I keep picturing it full of leaves, pumpkins, and other festive fall items.  But I know that I at least have a workable system for now.  I just need to make taming the paper a daily habit rather than monthly or - gasp - bi-monthly.

One of my next areas to work on is the laundry room.  I posted some lovely pictures of my laundry room a while ago - here.  At that time, the counter was relatively clutter-free.  Here it is today:

Yup - another catch-all spot.  Out of control, unsightly, annoying - you get the idea.  I think I am ready to tackle this today.  
Here is a close-up of one of the issues to be dealt with on that counter - warning it's not pretty!  We have been calling it "the carnage":

They were all on the windowsill when a wind storm blew in and they were knocked to the ground behind the washer.  I think they have been headless long enough...

Hope you all have a great day!  Stay cool!