Friday, July 15, 2011

Why isn't the phone ringing?

My sister, Libby, and I have a little joke that whenever I am going to do a cleaning job that I don't particularly enjoy - like mopping the kitchen floor - she calls.  Then I say, ""Oh thank goodness you called!  I was just about to mop the kitchen floor!"  (or clean the bathroom, or clean the garage or - well you get the idea...)  This has actually happened many, many times.
But alas, today I am about to do that horrible deed and no phone call.  Poop.

I do want to take a quick minute (What? Procrastinating?  Me? Well, maybe.) to tell you about a great new book I just got yesterday.  It's called GO organize!, and the author is Marilyn Bohn.  Marilyn is an organization expert and she has a great website and blog for you to visit:
Here's the book:

Go Organize: Conquer Clutter in 3 Simple Steps

I found mine on Amazon, but Marilyn is going to be selling them from her website soon.  I read the first two chapters last night and I was hooked!  Marilyn has such a makes sense approach to decluttering and organizing your home.  I have already started using the system she has outlined so beautifully in her book, and I am finding it very focused and motivating.  She has great tips like setting a timer and working for a set amount of time instead of working until you hate the job.

There is a neat story about how I found out about this book.  Marilyn and I both signed up for Amy's Great Pumpkin swap over at Bumble Bee Lane, and we are partners!  I told Marilyn in our first email exchange that I found it pretty ironic that I would be partnered with an organization expert for this swap (or any swap).  And maybe even fate.  :)  When I received Marilyn's email and first went to check out her website, I could easily see the MOUND of things I brought home from the end of the school year still stacked next to and on the kitchen table.  I think it might have been classified as borderline horrifying to someone who has an aversion to clutter.  And no I didn't take pictures of that!
This is another side to participating in swaps - you might just meet a person you really needed to know!

I must run now, but I will try to be brave enough to come back with some before and after pictures of my organizing.  But first, the kitchen floor and I must do battle!