Friday, July 8, 2011

This can not be summer vacation...

In spite of some truly gorgeous summer days, summer vacation has not started out to be restful and lazy like I had sort of hoped (at least for a day or so). So far there have been two funerals, and working with my husband.
Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE working with my husband most any day.  However, yesterday I worked on the upper roof with him.
I am TERRIFIED of heights!  I even hate driving where there are drop-offs on the side of the road.
But he's lost another of his good helpers, so I'm in.  My nephew, Caleb, snapped this lovely photo of us working on the roof.  I am the shingle handing person.  My husband is the shingle laying person.  If the photo appears blurry, it's because my knees won't stop shaking.

When you are this far up in the air and you are terrified, I think we all know what physiological response occurs.  That's right - you have to pee.  Constantly.  Now fortunately for the homeowners, Mark is building this house up a long dirt driveway, on a hill up from town.  It is a lovely spot - truly a slice of heaven.  Unfortunately for me, the only bathroom accommodations on site is this:

It is very smelly, which is why the door is propped open.  I will not go in there.  So of course yesterday as soon as I got to the job site, I started to think about you know what.  Of course, that would be the day that all of the other trades showed up unscheduled to check in about their parts.  So I had lots of time to think while I waited for my husband to start roofing.  At first, I thought, "This will be fine.  I can run home at lunch time." Then I thought, "Gee, I wish I didn't drink anything this morning before I got here."    After I could no longer stand it, I bounced down the gravel driveway, and into civilization, and went in the back door of my brother's house and used the bathroom next to Carol's beauty salon.  I knew I couldn't do that again once I got dirty from the shingles.  So then I played the "Think about something else." game.
I swear to you, I have never been so happy for it to get really hot so I could start sweating and not need to use the above facilities.
Today I am only on call. Some of the roof vents are on back-order and aren't in yet.  (Thank you, vent people!)   My husband has to move to the garage roof and start that.  I suggested that he call me when he was ready for my help.  Or if the vents come in, I can go get them.  Anything to not go up to that roof again.  Anything.  I swear I dreamed all night about falling off that roof.
So now I am alone in my house, and I think I would like to do a little housework.  Funny how a girl's idea of fun can change sometimes. : )